Chemical Assays ▫ Microbiology
Suncare Testing ▫ In-Bound Raw Materials Evaluation

Analysis with state-of-the-art instrumentation confirms concentration and purity of many ingredients through validated methods. FSTI microbiology checks preservative effectiveness against bacteria, yeasts and molds. Immediate processing maintains manufacturing efficiency. FDA Critical Wavelength, COLIPA 2011, and ISO 24443 broad spectrum sun protection tests are conducted.



SPF Determination ▫ UVA-PF Determination
Outdoor/Specialty Testing▫Efficacy/Claim Substantiation

Accurate efficacy studies involve perfectly calibrated instrumental measurements and professional clinical assessment.  This research conducted on human panelists confirms a formula’s Sun Protection Factor or substantiates other suncare claims such as water resistance. FSTI also performs specialized trials in outdoor light and “real world” conditions.



Predictive In Vitro Testing ▫ Global Standard Substrates          Vitroskin® ▫ Vitrocorneum® ▫ Vitronails® 

Fast, predictive in vitro methods and measurement technologies drive the creation of breakthrough products and innovative raw material technologies.
Assisting you with exceptional testing substrates, novel in vitro methods and advanced instrumentation, the IMS division empowers new product development.

Fast and Accurate Skincare Testing