In Vitro SPF Testing is offered under both our Florida Skincare Testing division as well as our IMS division.

Florida Skincare Testing performs a variety of analytic tests associated with sunscreen products.   The substantiation of broad spectrum protection claims is the primary focus -the FDA Critical Wavelength Study, the Colipa 2011, and the ISO 24443.   Custom tests are often performed to evaluate photostability and to estimate the SPF of a sunscreen formulation. 

At IMS, our mission is to generate highly predictive SPF and UVA data for our clients, rapidly and at modest cost. We do not offer dozens of different assays. Instead we have focused our research efforts on in vitro SPF and UVA testing — specifically static in vitro SPF, water resistance and photostability. We are committed to offering the highest quality data and the best possible service to our clients. 

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