In Vitro Sunscreen Testing

Florida Skincare Testing performs a variety of analytic testes associated with sunscreen formulas. The IMS division utilizes VitroSkin® substrates. Pre-clinical testing through this analytical method allows a rapid understanding of the SPF value before a full clinical test is conducted. Other in vitro tests with synthetic substrates can also accelerate your development process.

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Substantiation of broad-spectrum protection claims is another analytical focus – the FDA Critical Wavelength Study, the Colipa 2011, and the ISO 24443. Custom tests are often performed to evaluate photostability.

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In Vitro Testing Substrates

The IMS division of FSTI offers testing substrates to help drive the success of over 200 CPG, Personal Care, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical companies around the world. Empowering product development, the substrates are an important part of the research in its early stages.

VitroSkin® substrate – effectively mimics the surface properties of human skin. It has been formulated to have topography, pH, critical surface tension, chemical reactivity and ionic strength that is similar to human skin.

VitroCorneum® substrate – efficiently mimics the thickness, visco-elasticity, chemical reactivity and surface properties of human stratum corneum. It can be used to demonstrate the hydration and moisturization properties of personal care products and raw materials in vitro.

VitroNail® substrate – beautifully mimics the wetting properties, thickness, flexibility and chemical reactivity of human fingernails. It allows rapid evaluation of prototype nail formulations including spreading, dry time, color, gloss, flexibility, durability and resistance to chipping.

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