Founded in 2008, Florida Skincare Testing began as a clinical laboratory under the name Florida Suncare Testing, Inc. Today, the company’s broad scientific scope does research under the “skincare” name because it provides independent analytical and clinical examination for the OTC, cosmetic, personal care, and protective clothing industries. Florida Suncare Testing, Inc. remains our corporate name.

In 2019, Florida Suncare Testing, Inc complemented its testing capabilities by acquiring VitroSkin® technologies from IMS Inc. Offering the latest advancements in pre-clinical R&D, the new IMS division improves the speed of the testing process and further empowers clients’ product development.

The 11,500-square foot, specially designed facility – located at 101 N. Bay Street, Bunnell, Florida – provides ample capacity to accommodate fast customer service and room to grow. The building itself has a rich history. Known as the Bunnell State Bank Building, it was originally constructed in 1917 and is listed in the U.S. Nation Register of Historic Places.

Florida Skincare Testing has an extensive list of instruments and equipment to perform all testing under strict GMP standards. FSTI is registered with the Food and Drug Administration pursuant to part 207 of Title 21, US Code of Federal Regulations.

The technical equipment requires highly skilled associates. With decades of directly relevant experience, Florida Skincare Testing’s professionals are the key to its fast and accurate research. The management team takes great pride in the lab’s high performance and appreciates each scientist’s contribution.

Board Members


Our Mission

"To provide the fastest customer service at a competitive price while maintaining the highest standards in skincare research." 

Quality Standards

Meticulous recordkeeping is central to any laboratory’s credibility. Florida Skincare Testing Quality Assurance exceeds the compliance to CGMP/GLP regulations. 

Service Commitment

Serving the sponsors is the primary focus. On-time performance and open communication channels build long professional relationships. 


The safety of FSTI’s scientists and panelists is a top priority. High standards coupled with attentive behavior keeps the entire operation healthy. 


All assessments are kept strictly confidential. Each customer can rest assured that no insight is shared with others unless specifically requested in writing. 


Strict protocols are followed with every test – analytical and clinical. No shortcuts or questionable business practices.

Management Team